Someone has pointed out to me why my idea of selling chicken to L Brands employees is flawed. I mentioned that idea (of selling chicken to L Brands employees) in the last blog post, and someone then took the trouble to point out to me why it is a flawed idea.

I was told, first of all, that my assumption that I could turn all the employees at the local L Brands branch into my chicken customers is probably fallacious. Some of the employees may be vegetarians, maybe even vegans. On some occasions, they may go to the associates limited brands aces etm login page, sign in there, take a look at their paychecks – and conclude that they just can’t afford to buy chicken. Others may be averse to the idea of buying chicken straight from the farm – preferring instead to buy processed chicken products…

Secondly, I was told that the L Brands employees’ demand for chicken would probably start falling with time. They may be enthusiastic about it initially, then their enthusiasm starts falling as they get used to the chicken.

Thirdly, it was pointed out to me that employees are always coming in and leaving the local L Brands store. Thus, chances are that the employees who are there may not be the ones who will be there by this time next year. And there is no knowing what the future employees’ views on the whole matter of eating chicken will be. Some may turn out to be individuals who view the practice of rearing chicken for slaughter as a ‘barbaric practice’.

But I still think that in spite of these flaws, I will nonetheless pursue the idea of selling chicken to the L Brands employees — at least on a trial basis, just to see what happens practically. In any event, the L Brands employees market is supplementary, as I already have other established markets for my poultry products.

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