One challenge that we (as chicken rearers) face is that of getting markets for our produce. Like if, for instance, you manage to produce 10,000 eggs in a month, you have to figure out where to sell them. Or if you manage to produce some 1,000 broilers in a month, you have to figure out where to get a market for them. Of course, some of us have contracts with restaurant owners, to supply them with chicken, eggs and so on. But sometimes, you find that you have produced more than the restaurant owner you have a contract with can absorb. So you find that you have to figure out where to sell the extra produce.

It is against that background, then, that I have found myself entertaining the idea of starting to sell chicken to L Brands employees. See, there is a huge L Brands store close to where I run a chicken farm. And I have gotten inquiries, from the folks who work at the L Brands store, on whether I can sell them chicken (specifically the chicken meat). These inquiries tend to peak at mid-month and end-month, which is probably when the lbrands aces paychecks come out. Initially, I didn’t take those inquiries seriously. But it has gotten to a point where they have become too frequent to be ignored.

When I run the numbers, the indications are that it may make business sense to sell the chicken products to the L Brands employees. I mean, if the local L Brands store has 200 employees, and I sell an average of 3 chicken to each of them per month, that would translate to 600 chicken per month, wouldn’t it? 600 chicken per month works out to 7,200 chicken per year, doesn’t it? To me, this looks like a business opportunity worth taking advantage of. It is now actually clear that I can make quite a handsome profit from the sale of chicken to L Brands employees.

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