If you want your chicken to remain healthy at all times, you need to use these strategies:

  1. Feed them correctly: It is important for you to undertake some research, to understand the main nutrients chicken need. Then you need to design a nutritional program through which your chicken would be getting all those nutrients. It is impossible for your chicken to remain healthy if they are not getting all the nutrients they need. As a matter of fact, if your chicken are underfed, that by itself could make them to be more prone to illnesses (by way of compromising their immunity).
  2. Ensure that they only drink clean water: Drinking dirty water is a major cause of illnesses in chicken. As a general rule, you need to ensure that the water you offer to your chicken is of a quality that you yourself would agree to drink. You also need to keep on changing the water in the troughs, because if the water stays in there for too long, it starts to get contaminated. So you need to create a routine around this. Just as GM dealers typically have a routine of logging into the global connect portal and checking their orders there, so should you, as a poultry farmer, create a routine of supplying your chicken with fresh water every few hours.
  3. Consider having them vaccinated: There are certain diseases that chicken are prone to. You need to figure out which ones are endemic in your area and consider having your chicken vaccinated against the same.
  4. Don’t overstock: If you keep too many chicken within a small space, they are bound to get distressed. That would in turn affect their immunity, making them prone to various illnesses.
  5. Ensure that their living quarters are always clean: Yet another common cause of illnesses in chicken is sleeping in dirty or wet quarters. This is to say that if you want your chicken to be always in good health, you need to create a strict routine for cleaning their quarters, and ensure that you actually stick to that routine.

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